Activism is one of the most important tools that we the people have. Without participating in important issues that are troubling your local community, town, city, state, country and the world in general, there will never be a future where things are better. Via activism, we have the power to bring light to important issues. What we do here at See It Report It is a form of activism. Multiple forms of activism really. Our main areas of activities include:

Workshops – these are our favorite to do. With workshops we go through actual examples that have happened in the past where people have seen issues, kept quite until they’ve turned into major disasters. Things like not reporting improper oil pipeline maintenance that have lead to major oil spills, for example.

Lectures – more frequently than workshops we’ll have lectures. These are where we talk in abstract about the type of ideas that See It Report It is trying to convey. We perform lectures on college campuses, town halls, local community gathering and talk about our firsthand experiences we’ve had with trying to engage local community. What works and what doesn’t.

Seminars – sometimes, every now and then, in a larger city, we combine a couple of lectures and workshops in what we call a seminar. It’s a full day event that’s usually organized with the host city. We rarely do these and only in larger cities. It all depends on the number of interested people.

If you want to book us, and if you want us to come to your town, go to our contact page and either call us, visit us, email us. We’re always willing to come to you, help spread the word and awareness on the importance of participation, activism, community and actually see the problems and talking about them.