To get in touch with the See It Report It team you can either come visit us directly at our humble main (and only for the time being) office on the address listed down below, call us on the phone number which is also listed down below, or you can shoot us up an old fashioned email. We’re always open for cooperation, new ideas on how to get people to join the fight and in general just ideas on how to make this whole mess that we’ve found ourselves in better.

See It Report It main office
Person in charge: Cheryl Terry
3627 Clark Street
Rochester, NY 11717
Phone: 631-272-8724

We’re a modest group that’s fully self-financed which is the reason why we don’t have more locations, a fancier website, or even a social media presence. We look forward to expanding in the future. If anyone wants to join us, you can also contact us. There’s just 4 of us currently working part-time on this little project, mostly part time, and we could really use another set of hands on deck. Contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time.