See It Report It has started as a small community initiative here in the local area of Rochester, New York. Founding members of See It Report It are 4 friends who met while working on humanitarian missions for the USAID. After spending years working overseas and helping countries and peoples who have it much worse that the US get on their feet, we started noticing a negative trend happening back home in the states. What we noticed is that the very fabric that holds a nation, that holds a country on its feet and moving forward was tearing down.

We’re talking about community, participating in democracy, social activism, joining in on the discussion of important topics, all of that seems to be dying out. This is particularly ironic seeing how we live in a time where there’s an unprecedented number of channels through which we can communicate. We have phones, emails, chats, social media, tweets, you name it. I mean most people have those and yet we still shut ourselves out from the world. We don’t even go out to buy basic necessities. I mean there’s a service that you can use to order in razors, for shaving. So that we wouldn’t need to go out and buy razors, meet a friend at the store, perhaps.

If you don’t want to go to the store and have everything delivered to you that’s fine. But what you shouldn’t neglect then is going out and participating in important gatherings and discussions in your local community. Seeing issues, reporting on them, discussing them, those are very important things and we here at See It Report It think are dying out. With our efforts to bring these issues to light, we hope to change that.